Basic Pet Grooming Course (Interest Class)

The interest classes provided by our HKOPA are only suitable for some pet owners to enroll. After completing this course, you cannot directly become a pet grooming assistant, because there are not many internship opportunities in the course. Moreover, in the course It will only do their own grooming exercises, mainly so that the pet owner can become an instant pet grooming caregiver at home.

If you want to become a full-fledged pet grooming assistant, it is necessary to do many real-world exercises, and also need to have experience in pet grooming of different dog or cat breeds, so you should take some pet grooming certificate courses.Now the pet grooming courses offered in the market are usually issued with a pet grooming certificate after the completion of the basic nursing interest class in our HKOPA, so please note that it is not suitable for those who want to become formal groomer assistants to study in the future.

Basic Pet Grooming

Our instructors will make it easier for you to understand and master various beauty techniques through demonstrations. After completing this course, you will learn basic care, including: brushing, washing ears, clipping nails, sharpening nails, shoveling underfoot, shovelling underbelly hair, pat hair, showering, snorting anal line.

When students are attending classes, students must bring their own pets to carry out the relevant exercises, and they must wear suitable clothes to avoid getting wet clothes. We will work in small groups in the class, especially when performing some dangerous actions. For example: clipping nails, producing belly hair. We all use sharp tools, so when you go to court, you must be sure that your pet is suitable for this type of exercise.

Our Pet Caregiver Course (Interest Class) Features

There are also many companies in Hong Kong that offer pet care attendant courses. Our HKOPA College does not currently provide such pet care courses certificate training. The design of this course is suitable for those who have no experience, who love dogs, who have pets for the first time, or who are interested in entering the industry. The structure is from simple to deep, and one class is three hours long.

Basic Pet Care Course

This course is suitable for those who have no experience in dog raising, dog lovers, new pet owners or those who are interested in entering the profession. The course starts from the simple to the deep, and will teach the basic knowledge of pet care, the characteristics of pets that need to be paid attention to when feeding, dragging, and what to pay attention to when pets are walking. One class is three hours.

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