Academy Pet Course List

HKOPA is committed to providing a series of pet courses for pet owners or those who intend to become pet industry. Parasitic diseases, simple grooming procedures, dog behavior control methods, such as: proper towing methods, safe pick-up and drop-off methods. The course is also very suitable for people who study first time.

Certificate in hand, strength guarantee

The purpose of obtaining the certificate is mainly because customers usually judge the quality of the service provider, and often hope to have a certificate to prove the experience of the service provider. It is best to have a certificate to support pet services in Hong Kong, and to find a reputable. You need to know the qualifications of the instructor because there are many colleges in Hong Kong that provide pet courses. Pet courses are very common in Hong Kong, and many private institutions have held some pet care classes, which are mainly in the form of interest class teaching, and there is no certificate. And the courses held by our Hong Kong Pet Professional College, all have certificates after completion.

When choosing a pet training program, keep in mind:

1) What do you expect to gain and learn while taking the course? 2) Do you need to join the pet industry? 3) How do the courses taken in Hong Kong compare with other colleges? 4) Is the pet training time suitable for you? 5) Can I afford the course fee? These are the pet owners or those who intend to join the industry should pay attention to consideration.

Professional consultants provide consulting services

We also provide one-to-one consultation with course consultants to find pet owners and people who are interested in the industry to analyze and match all courses. This can avoid wasting time and spend time learning a course that is not suitable for you. Dog training courses are more suitable for pet owners who want to join the industry. It is because some pet owners need to train their own pets, they may be helpless when facing their beloved baby. Usually dogs are more rebellious, especially towards their owners. Therefore, the dog training course is very suitable for pet owners to study at home. Of course, some owners will be more interested in pet industry during learning. Therefore, dog training courses will have certificate courses. For details, please contact our pet course consultant (Tel: 2528 3488 or Whatsapp 9588 6714)