Comprehensive Short-Term Pet Course

Course Outline

Pet grooming

8 pet grooming practice classes, 1 theory class, 1 exam

(please refer to the pet grooming class schedule)

*** After passing the exam, you can get a Hong Kong-recognized pet grooming C-level course certificate

Pet Sitter

Section 1 Pet Sitter Introduction and Service 5-step process Theory class 3 hours (taught by senior teachers)

Veterinary Clinic – Practicing Weights, Detecting Heat and Checking Dog Cards Practicing 3 hours

Section 2 Pet Cognition Theory Class 3 hours (Professor by senior groomer)

Section 3 Pet Grooming Internship Class (Class in OLY Store) Internship Class 6 hours x 3 times

(** Only after passing the pet grooming exam)

Dog Training

Section 1 Basic Canine Behavior Control, Tow, Walk, Get On and Off The Car Theory Class 3 hours (Professor from Senior Dog Trainer)

2nd Practicum Practicum 6 hours x 2 times

(Classes at OLY store, Monday to Sunday or at HKU store, Thursday and Friday)

** Completion of the above five sections of pet sitter and dog training can obtain the basic certificate of pet sitter course

Veterinary Care

Veterinary Professor 2 lessons (choose 2 lessons)


** Completion of the above two veterinary teaching courses can obtain the certificate of veterinary nursing basics

Activity review

Pet Sitter Teaching – Visit the Dog Farm

Visit the Pet Sitter Industry (Cambarron Presbyterian Church Yao Dao Secondary School)

Visit to Pet Sitter Industry (The Yuen Yuen Institute MFBM Nei Ming Chan Lui Chung Tak Memorial College)

Visit the Pet Sitter Industry (Chiu Chow Association Secondary School)