Dog behavior training (interest class)

This course is suitable for those who are inexperienced, who love dogs or who are interested in entering the industry. This course is from simple to deep.

1 class 3 hours dog behavior training

Understand the dog’s behavior and training skills, so that the dog can really receive your information, correctly establish a good relationship between people and dogs, and make the dog like to learn from you.

Teaching method

Training is based on [trust] and [interaction] Use positive training, no hitting, no scolding, no intimidation.

Bsic etiquette

Basic command training including – Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Hand, Easy indoor walks with puppy to avoid or resolve tension. Learn about dog fears, anxiety symptoms, dog behavior adjustments; general anxiety, separation anxiety, excessive barking and more.


  • Save time and money in the long run
  • Enhance the bonding between dog owner and pet
  • Avoid going out for grooming to make pets feel separated

Dog behavior training interest class schedule

Date Time Instructor

Interest class
Interest class