Dog Behavior Training

Types of dog training courses

There are two kinds of dog training courses we provide, there are dog training “hobby class” and pet owner become “dog trainer” certificate class.

Most of the “interest classes” will classify the training into behavior therapy or puppy training. For details, click on the pet course page (Add Link to the course page) to get more information.

The other is the “dog training course”, which is usually a course that must be taken to become a dog trainer. If we need to become a dog trainer, we must go through theoretical courses and practical courses, usually more than 20 hours. The courses can make them understand the state of mind, thoughts and behavior of dogs. The theory class will allow students to better understand their behavior when faced with dog training and make a coherent decision on how to choose appropriate training for the dog. Of course, being a good dog trainer also requires an internship. Since our pet academy affiliated group will have many customers looking for dog training classes directly, we will also have many internship opportunities. If you have a lot of internships as a dog trainer, you will become perfect.

The pros and cons of day care or monthly care

In Hong Kong, some companies provide dog training classes in the form of day care or monthly care. There are advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage is that the training can be intensive so that the whole thing can be done from a very short time. The disadvantage is that when the owner picks up the dog and they do it at home. They often fail because when the dog changes to another environment, it also needs to re-learn and re-consolidate. Hence, the best way is that the owner completes the dog training class with the dog. This is the best way.

Dog training charges

Usually, the training fee will be calculated on a per-session basis, and some dog owners need to focus on training some instructions for the dog, such as sitting or recalling.

For a simple dog training class, the training is usually four to five classes, and it will be completed in about 20 hours, so the price of these dog training will be cheaper.

The price of dog training courses will be relatively higher than the price of dog training courses, because of the long learning hours, of course, you get what you pay for. You can earn income because you become a dog trainer. After officially becoming a trainer in the Hong Kong market, the price is very different. Generally, the fee will be calculated from $400 to $1,000 per session, and the general fee will not be completed at one time. It usually takes about three to four sessions to complete a behavioral command training. The dog training price will be about $2,000 – $3,000. The owner can set a training fee with the trainer.

There are not too many companies offering dog training courses in Hong Kong. Most of them are in the form of home visits, which have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of visiting is that they can train their daily behaviors at home during training. The downside is that when they do etiquette training, they often do not have contact with other dogs due to local restrictions, so that the overall training is not perfect.