Dog handler training course

This course is specially designed for those who want to become dog handlers. The course is taught by professional instructors. The content is comprehensive, covering theory and classroom practice. Through this course, students can understand basic dog care, the relationship between dog psychology and behavior, dog obedience skills, how to use dog tools, the basic work of being a dog handler, etc.

Features of our dog handler courses

The dog handler training course content of HKOPA is written and taught by professionals, focusing on theory and dog handler training practice, and believes that both are indispensable. After understanding the basic theory, practicing in the classroom can consolidate the knowledge learned and have a certain positive impact on mastering the future practical operation. On the other hand, a dog handler certificate will be issued upon completion of the course, which will help trainees continue their studies in other related dog handler courses and become independent dog handlers in the future.

What are the benefits of learning to be a dog handler?

Becoming a dog handler can learn how to get along and communicate with dogs. After completing the course, most of the trainees have mastered the basic knowledge of being a dog handler and can continue to pursue other dog training courses. Through different assessments, dog handlers will have the opportunity to join relevant organizations in the future to become qualified security dog handlers, search dog handlers, etc., and perform various tasks together with dogs to ensure the safety of citizens on different occasions.

What is the difference between a dog handler and a dog trainer?

There are many people who can’t tell the difference between a dog handler and a dog trainer. They think that the job requirements of the two are similar. Dog handlers are mainly assigned to different positions to perform duties with the dogs, such as security dog handlers to carry out security checks at designated locations, drug searches at bars, and explosive searches at large-scale events, etc.; The dog trainer mainly aims to improve the dog’s behavior. The trainer will be responsible for training different types of dogs. The biggest difference from the dog trainer is that the dog trainer needs to spend more time communicating with the owner and training the dog. At the same time, let the owners understand how to play the role of dog training in daily life.