Dog Massage Course (Interest Class)

This course is suitable for those who have no experience and want to get in touch with pets, dog lovers and pet owners. Those who are interested in becoming a pet massage therapist in Hong Kong can also choose to take this course. This pet massage course is mainly based on practice techniques. It will provide theory and practice. There are three sessions for a total of nine hours, so that students can learn basic theory and practice at the same time in the pet massage therapist course. They can learn how to effectively help dogs relieve through pet massage. It can reduce anxiety physically and mentally, while the physical contact between the dog further builds and strengthens the relationship with the pet.

Session 1: Introduction to the course content

Simply understand the musculoskeletal structure of the dog’s body, so that students can clearly know which parts cannot be touched and which parts are more sensitive. If the students need to bring their pets when attending the course, they must notify them one week in advance.

Session 2: Teaching two massage techniques

The second part of the dog massage course will teach two massage techniques, light triggering and rubbing method. After learning, you can switch dogs to each other in the classroom, so that you can get in touch with more pet characters and improve the teaching quality of the course.

Session 3: Practice is the main thing

Practice the two techniques taught in the previous session and learn the last technique – head massage. After completing the three dog massage courses, students will obtain a certificate in the primary dog massage course, which will help them to further study other Hong Kong pet massage courses in the future.

What are the benefits of dog massage?

Dog massage can stimulate blood circulation and muscle relaxation, relieve muscle and joint discomfort and pain caused by aging, congenital skeletal dysplasia, exercise, or injury; it can also strengthen muscles, slow down joint and bone strain and pain. It can degenerate and improve overall immunity. Dog massage can also relax the dog’s tension and anxiety, relieve the stress and depression caused by urban life or trauma. Through physical contact and massage, the relationship between the dog and the dog can be enhanced, so that the pet can feel the owner’s care and have a better sense of trust in the owner.

Dog Massage Course (Interest Class) Schedule

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