Faculty Profile

Principal Chan

2020 Petoyo Business Development Director

2016 Established the Hong Kong One Pet Academy; provides professional pet courses; partner organizations include the Federation of Trade Unions, the Society for the Betterment of Human Beings, continuing education courses, etc.

2016 Awarded the Hong Kong Youth Life Planning and Development Contribution and Support Award by the Hong Kong Youth Service

2015 Founded Pet Pet Animal Medical Centre; 24-hour pet medical center; provides pet specialist treatment services, including surgery, CT, MRI, etc.

2015 Instructor of the Hong Kong Government Lo Wu Women’s Prison Course

In 2013, she was appointed as the Instructor of YETUP Course

2007 Founded International Pet Therapy & Grooming Academy; Pet Grooming Group; Teaching Pet Grooming/Massage/Veterinary Nursing Certificate Course

2005 Founded Pet Pet Group; a large chain of pet supplies stores (12 in Hong Kong, 6 in Macau); business includes pet grooming and supplies chain stores, online shopping, pet food and supplies express delivery

2004 Founded Wash Your Pet Pet (Spa) Ltd.; Mobile Pet Grooming Cart Won the “Creative Entrepreneurship Award” by the City Youth Chamber of Commerce


Petoyo Grooming Pet Grooming Technical Consultant of One Pet Group

Joined the pet industry and worked as a beautician in pet shops such as Tung Chung, Sai Kung and Kowloon Bay

Obtained the International Association of Beauticians
China and Hong Kong Dog Lovers Association A, B-level grooming license Hong Kong accreditation

Work as a senior pet groomer in a mobile pet grooming center

Instructor-level tutor at the International Academy of Pet Therapy and Grooming

Go to Shizuoka, Japan to learn from the hall-level grooming master Toshiki Omura, and learn Japanese pet grooming and special tailoring.

After returning to Hong Kong, he founded JapsPet Spa n Grooming, M.R. Pet Styling and Marco Grooming Workshop Japanese-style pet grooming shops in Causeway Bay, providing pet grooming, photography, grooming classes and day care services.

Worked at the Hong Kong Academy of Pets
Pet Grooming A, B, C Level Instructor
Pet Sitter Instructor

18 years of pet grooming experience

10 years of experience in pet grooming, pet sitter, dog training, pet photography, teaching


Bachelor of Science in Psychology

10 years+ experience in the Education field

5 years Shelter Volunteer: New Volunteer Orientation lead and dog handling trainer (Lifelong Animal Protection)

Dog Trainer and Lecturer (Island Kennel Training since 2019)

Took Certified Professional Dog Trainer KA (Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers in 2021)

Ada Lo

Animal Immigration Department Supervisor Veterinary Assistant

Pet Sitter, Teaching Assistant, Hong Kong Academy of Pets

Hong Kong Pet Pet Academy
Pet Sitter License
Animal First Aid Certificate
Veterinary Nursing License

Animal volunteers
The main responsibility is to assist all stray animals to find a warm home

Jimmy Lau

Membership Service Relations Supervisor / Dog Swimming Deputy Head / Pet Sitter & Day Care Deputy Head

Petoyo Grooming
Member Services Relations Officer
Deputy Head of Dog Swimming
Deputy Head of Pet Sitter and Day Care

dog trainer assistant
Pet Sitter Teaching Assistant

Passed the HKIPS
Dog Trainer License
Pet Sitter License
Animal First Aid Certificate