Instructions for Booking a Class

Dear students, starting from January 1, 2022, all class schedules have been changed to use the “Mobilink” system for class reservations, leave applications and class reminders, which will only be conducted in Mobilink in the future. Any questions or comments can still be found in Whatsapp At the same time, it is recommended that students make an appointment for the class in advance, because there will be a specified time limit for the appointment of the class, please pay attention.

The class schedule can also refer to the monthly calendar in Mobilink.

Reservation Class Rules

  1. For more than one class, please copy and paste multiple times on the same grid, and enter them separately
  2. Appointments can still modify the reply before the specified date announced
  3. If the reservation is successful, you will see the words “successful reservation” at the bottom of the reply
  4. If you cancel a class that has been successfully booked, please inform us through Whatsapp.
  5. If there is no reasonable reason (such as sick leave) to cancel the class appointment or be absent from the class within 72 hours, the class will not be made up, or an additional administrative fee of 300 yuan will be charged.