Pet First Aid Course (Interest Class)

This course is suitable for those who love dogs or who are interested in pet first aid.

This course will introduce the basic principles of pet first aid and the first aid treatment methods in special situations. The content is mainly formulated for various emergency situations that dogs often encounter, so that owners can understand different situations. This course has a certificate, but you must pass the exam before you can get a pet first aid certificate officially issued by a veterinarian. If you do not need a certificate from the college, you can skip the assessment, and the college will also issue a pet first aid course attendance certificate.

Course Hotspots

Briefly explain the pet first aid knowledge that pet owners need to learn
Pet first aid courses taught by veterinarians
Simple and easy to understand, provide course notes, and the veterinarian will also demonstrate on the spot.
very informative

Pet first aid course teaching content

Heat stroke how to avoid it? How to identify and deal with it when it happens?
General Visual Symptoms Before Heat Stroke in Dogs and Cats
Utilize on-site and venue resources to solve emergencies involving heat stroke in dogs and cats

Poisoning – Foods that poison dogs deadly in everyday life? What should I do if I eat it?
If your pet has eaten poisonous food, how to notify the doctor in an emergency.
To eat poisonous food, how long to go to the veterinary clinic
How to simply solve the pet eating some unnecessary food

Gastric Inversion – Recognize the Symptoms Immediately and Implement Appropriate Pet First Aid to Save Lives
Bitten by a snake – a common danger in Hong Kong!

Dog bites dog – how to treat a wound!
How to separate dogs on the spot
Simple diagnosis of injury
Essential tool cleaning supplies when treating wounds
In the form of a pet first aid video, the chest compression method is explained, and the mouth and nose are compared with artificial respiration.
Quick and calm initial examination of pets
Introduction of wound cleaning and wound cleaning supplies