1. There are 30 lessons in total:
  • 1st to 19th practice session, 20th exam

Professor at Wing Cheung Industrial Building, Kwai Chung Main Campus (Class time: 12:00-18:00)

  • Lessons 21 to 30 Store Internships

Internship at the branch (time is subject to the schedule of the branch)

  1. To enroll in the B-level pet grooming certificate course, you must first hold a C-level pet grooming certificate (if you are studying in other colleges, you must first be evaluated by the instructor of this college)
  2. Each student has included the following supplies and tools when enrolling in the course:
  • A set of professional scissors (including straight scissors, dental scissors, curved scissors)
  • 20 special sponges for practice
  • 2 hair heads for practice styling, excluding the base (you can take it home after the main school is completed)
  • A textbook note
  1. The first class teaches students theoretical lessons, including tool knowledge, safety awareness of correct use of scissors, correct use of cutter heads, etc. In addition, in the classroom, they practice dog washing, dog control, and special sponges for trimming practice.
  2. In the first class, students will take 19 special sponges for practice and go home to practice trimming techniques and submit 1 special sponge for practice in every class for the after-school homework of class 2 to 19.
  3. Lessons 2 to 5 practice pet showers, speed training, dog control, how to use electric shears, scissors, and the safe use of scissors. These can deepen students’ basic grooming knowledge. (The instructor must confirm whether there is a safe use of scissors, and the safety awareness is up to the standard before entering lessons 6 to 15. If the instructor thinks that it is not ideal, the instructor has the right to stop the student from the class; the student also needs to stay at home or arrange private time to come to the school building to practice.)
  4. In Lessons 2 to 19, students will learn different cutting techniques popular in Hong Kong and Japan, including Poodle, Shih Tzu, Bichon, Schnauzer, Squirrel, Angel, West Highland Badger, Joseph Terry and Pekingese, etc. At the same time, students consolidate their dog control skills during the practice.
  5. In the 20th class, students will take the exam in the college, and they can go to the branch for practice after passing the exam.
  6. Before the exam, students can choose to practice 5 times at the academy for free, and students must practice in the school building during office hours (11:00 am to 6:00 a.m.). The college will not provide Model Dogs during practice, and there will be no instructors to guide during the practice. The college only provides places and tools for students to practice.
  7. If the student fails in the first exam, the student needs to retake the exam;

For the first time, you can make up the test for free (you need to arrange Model Dog by yourself). If the school needs to arrange a Model Dog, you need to pay $500 as a handling fee;

For the second time, you need to pay $500. The cost includes the provision of Model Dog for students. Unlimited times.

  1. In the 21st to 30th lessons, the students will go to the store for practice. The instructor will communicate with the store in advance and explain the learning level of each student. On the other hand, it is also recommended that the students go to the store half an hour earlier to familiarize themselves with the environment.
  2. In the actual practice in the store, the trainees will follow up with the senior beautician closely in the store to carry out training on shaving, straight cutting, tooth cutting, curved cutting, speed and safe use of tools. (The appointment time must be based on the actual situation of the store. Students must notify the school within one month of the appointment time, because the store needs to prepare Model Dog for students to practice)
  3. If the student unfortunately cuts the dog during the internship in the store, all expenses shall be borne by the student.
  4. In the event of an accident during class or internship, students must bear the medical expenses themselves.
  5. If the senior beautician thinks that the students have insufficient safety awareness during the follow-up practice period, they have the right to terminate the students from going to the store to practice the students. They must continue the training at home or in the school building until the instructor thinks it is safe to continue the practice in the store.
  6. After completing the whole course (30 lessons in total), you can graduate smoothly, and notify the school administration department to check the information and make a certificate.