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From now until March 01, 2021, all HKOPA pet sitter, dog trainer, and veterinary assistant students will introduce new customers to use the group’s services. Once the transaction is successful, the introducer will receive 10% of the total number of customers received by the company.

Those with excellent grades after completing the course will be awarded the following outsourced jobs

Pet sitter

1) Responsible for pet travel boarding pick-up service HK$1,000/Job (boarding and pick-up fees are included)

2) Responsible for pet immigration delivery HK$500/Job (chartered car fee)

3) Responsible for door-to-door pet sitter service

  • Small dog HK$200-HK$250 (1.5 hours of work)
  • Medium dog HK$300-HK$350 (1.5 hours of work)
  • Large dog HK$400-HK$450 (1.5 hours of work)

*The final number of jobs will be adjusted depending on the services provided by the babysitter