Why is a Pet Sitter needed?

  1. There is no maid in the family, but there are many pets;
  1. The owner often needs to leave Hong Kong, and the time to take care of the pet is unstable;
  1. The pet has a long-term illness and needs regular injections and medicines, but the owner cannot cooperate with the time because he needs to go to work, and there is no maid to assist at home, so a professional pet sitter is required to come to the door for injections and medicines for the pet;
  1. The owner travels or is on a business trip, but the owner has the heart to send the pet to foster care; in addition, the foster care fee and the round-trip transportation fee may be more expensive than the one-to-one service of the pet sitter, and the pet sitter can not only observe the emergency of the pet, but also guard the empty space. If there is an extra fee, the pet sitter can do simple household cleaning, so that the owner can focus on taking care of the pet at the first time when he returns home;
  1. Pet sitter is very popular in foreign countries, and the labor force is high. Since pet sitters are professionally trained, they know how to deal with interpersonal relationships and avoid accidents such as fights between pets when they go out to release dogs. Therefore, when the pet is handed over to the pet sitter, the owner can rest assured;
  1. Some pets need to undergo long-term hydrotherapy or rehabilitation physical therapy exercises, but the owner may not have enough time and energy to accompany them. At this time, you can contact the pet sitter to pick up the pet for treatment;
  1. Veterinary clinics usually hire veterinary assistants to manage and operate the clinic, but the cost of hiring veterinary assistants is generally high. In the clinic, some cleaning and pet care work can actually be done by a professional pet sitter. It is lower than veterinary assistance, which can reduce the operating cost of the clinic.